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Importance of soft skills in Dubai job market

As we all know soft skills are very important part of our personality along with skills and knowledge. But, the requirement of soft skills is different according to the market condition and place where you are going to apply for a job. Soft skills are also called as interpersonal skills or social skills. So today we are going to share with you Top 10 skills required in the Dubai job market. Dubai job market is rapidly growing, and it has attracted so many people around the world to land a job. It becomes more important to know about the soft skills requirement because it is a key at the workplace.


As we all know communication is a very important part our lives and it is a mandatory requirement to get a job in Dubai. It is also mentioned as “essential skills” to get a job. A person having great communication skills can get a job easily. It simply means to express in the market clearly and in a precise manner. You must have this skill if you are looking to settle in UAE or currently working there. The market hires Executive MBA because they have exceptional communication and management skills. As from the report, Executive MBA rankings are constantly growing in the Dubai. Your career progression will continue to grow if you have good English communication skills, you can get a job anywhere in this world and can easily crack the interview.


For a continuous growth, teamwork is very important. Employers always look for the candidate with good teamwork skills that helps in reaching the common goals and objectives of the organization easily. They mostly hire candidates from the MBA in International Business because they are well experienced in team work. Almost 49% of the employers think teamwork as the most desired skills in the UAE market to get hired.

Problem Solving

Companies choose the person who has good problem solving skills. People who hesitate and panic struggle at work in the UAE environment. Their career map will see a decline if they don’t possess this skill. It is also a very relevant skill for professional growth to survive in the UAE market.


Training is a very important part of the organization but the companies can’t afford paid motivational speeches and training all the time due to high costs involved. So, they always look for a candidate who is self-motivated, who knows how to grow in the environment. It helps in organizational growth. Self- motivated individuals do not need supervision, they know what they want to do to move forward. A self-motivated person grabs the opportunity at work to learn and grow.

Decision Making

If you possess the problem-solving quality then you must have decision making quality too. Decision making at the crucial time in the organization is very important, and it is important too to have the right decision making quality. It requires experience to take a right decision after analyzing and calculation of all the risks and resources. Companies hire Executive MBA graduates in Dubai because they have the right decision-making skills and are aware of Dubai job market, making it easy for companies to hire someone locally.

Leadership skills

As we all know how much leadership quality is important whether it is job or sports. Candidates with good leadership quality will have higher chances to get selected as employers always look for someone who possesses good leadership quality, Executive Master of Business Administration degree holders have higher demands in the corporate world in Dubai.


Candidates must be very flexible in the corporate environment. If the candidate is not flexible then he can’t survive in the Dubai market for a longer period. A candidate willing to learn new ideas, knowledge and skills have better chance to get hired. With good adaptability skills and Career planning you are prepared to land the right job in Dubai.


Data shows 41% employers look for the person who is efficient in working. A person should know every way to complete the work in an efficient manner. Companies choose candidates from top EMBA programs because they are expected to be efficient and know about the corporate trends better than anyone; executive career level can continuously grow if they possess the quality of being efficient.

Ability to work under pressure

It is not easy to work in the UAE due to high level of stress at work. Employers select the candidate who can work under the stressful condition in the organization, who knows how to handle the situation at the time of pressure and take right decisions. 39% employers have an opinion that a candidate should know how to handle work pressure. Dubai is an international market and people from all around the world work there, so a candidate should know how to adjust in these conditions.

Career development plan is needed to find the right ” job in the UAE”. It is not easy to get a job here because of great competition. Candidates opt for online MBA programs while working, to learn the skill sets and knowledge required in the Dubai market. A candidate having all the above skills can get a job in Dubai easily, but a person who doesn’t have these skills would find it difficult to survive in Dubai. Employers take a proper assessment before hiring the candidate. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates before selecting him for a job. If you are looking for your dream job in Dubai you must possess all of these skills.

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