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MBA Courses


About MBA Courses

What is scope of MBA Courses? Now the time is about globalization. There is a lot of growth in Corporate, Industrial, and Economy all over the world. In this way, MBA workers are offered a good package. It is not only in the UAE and Middle East but also in foreign countries it has several opportunities .So let’s know what an MBA is and how to study it.

The term ‘MBA’ stands for “Master of Business Administration”. MBA is a professional course which can be completed in a span of 2yrs. The Course also offers you a bouquet of subjects to enhance your management skills as well as gain expertise in one of the subject.

In the first year of the MBA, students are introduced to all the management related subjects. After this, details of specialized subjects are also provided.

In the second year of the MBA, the student has to choose one of the specialized subjects of his choice. It does not apply to those students who have taken admission in Special Class (Sectoral MBA). Choosing a specialized course for students is a difficult process. Before choosing a specialization, students should take special care of their career goals and professional development.

MBA Top 10 Streams (Specialization)

(1) Finance

During this course, you are prepared for subjects like costing, budgeting, intermediate finance and capital management. After studying these subjects, you become specialized in financial management, so that you can get a job in the finance department of any organization. If you want to do an MBA in finance then you can be a graduate in any stream.

(2) Marketing

MBA marketing is dynamic and quite competitive. In MBA Marketing, students are helped to understand Consumer Behavior, Market, Advertisement and other nuances related to this field. In this field, people should have a career, whose communication skills are excellent, the art of using the existing resources properly and the passion for staying in marketing.

(3) Human Resource (HR)

The MBA in HR is for those who want to make a career in HR and Strategy. An MBA in HR is a good career option for people with good communication skills, attractive personalities, and confident people. In any stream, a graduate can do an “MBA in HR”.

(4) International Business

In the Master of International Business, information is given in depth in the form of international operations such as international marketing and finance. This degree of MBA is focused more on multinational cooperation. Admission to this course requires to be a graduate from any stream.

(5) Operations

Operations MBA is helpful in production management or shop floor management. Through this course, you learn the virtues of maintaining vendor and interdepartmental relations than maintain the process flow. Engineering background of most MBA students operations as product development, there is not much difficulty in adapting to the field due to them having knowledge of the design and process optimization. However, any stream of candidates can apply for this course.

(6) IT

MBA in IT has been designed to prepare trained professionals who are able to inform and manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, and administration related to communication technology effectively. The business team plays an important role IT graduates. Especially designing software solutions and implementation.

(7) Supply Chain Management:

The course inventory management is transportation information warehousing and clients are required by any company, all kinds of material. Any working professional can pursue for this stream.

(8) Rural Management:

MBA is designed for this rural Management is a unique program that will meet the increasing demand for skilled managers in the field of rural business marketing. Rural market growth prospects too much and corporate houses are well aware of it. Candidates with any stream can apply for this course.

(9) Agribusiness Management:

In these courses, students are learning the tricks of managing those companies who work to bring agricultural products to consumers. Keeping in mind the special needs of the agribusiness sector, students must have a good understanding of the management, marketing, and finance.

(10) Health Care Management

While MBA Core Healthcare Business Skills and cover the practice, but it is also focused on specific issues which, as hospital administrators, medical practice manager, insurance-company executive or manager playing a different role.

MBA Programs consists of various types

  • One Year Online MBA
  • Two Year Full Time MBA Program
  • Part-time MBA
  • Evening (second shift) MBA programs
  • Modular MBA Program
  • Executive MBA program
  • Full – time executive MBA program
  • Distance Learning MBA program
  • Blended learning program
  • MBA dual degree program

Job opportunities after MBA Programs

Spent studying MBA courses is a bit much, so job packages are also accordingly. The best thing is that after this course candidates are designed to work in many fields and are given the package on the basis of their qualifications and experience. These areas would get a good package.

  1. Market Research Analyst
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Project Manager
  4. Advertising Manager
  5. Human Research Manager
  6. Management Consultant
  7. Banking & Finance
  8. Information Systems Management

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