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NEOM Megacity Saudi Arabia

In the midst of the dramatic political and economical changes of Middle East, a positive initiative has been taken by the prince of Saudi Arabia who announced his visionary plan of building a sustainable, eco friendly, innovative and most secured city with budget of five hundred billion Riyal from Saudi government only. NEOM is the name of the project which runs along the Red Sea Coast and Gulf of Aqaba. It is the first project that connects Asia, Africa and Europe together, but what does the name and logo refer to and what need does the project fill?

There is no official reveal on what the abbreviation refers to but an unofficial analyst  said that NEO in Greek means  new and M refers to the first letter of the word Future in Arabic (Mustaqbal). There is also no revel on what the elements on the logo refer to, but on the day of the announcement, Social Media accounts were in a hustle and bustle status trying to analyze the elements of the logo saying the following:

  • Palm Fronds: environment
  • The Electronic Panel: Technology
  • Curricles: World connection
  • Finger Print: Art or Human Resources
  • The Blue Net: Solar System

A step towards the Future

NEOM is a city that gathers unique talents and minds from the whole world to come up with pioneer and innovative ideas that serves humans future life. The project’s website has announced its main focus points as shown in the picture below:

It basically aims to provide an advanced technology in living and transportation using sustainable energy with full consideration in food security and respect to Art and Entertainment. The project will have positive economic impacts such as creating jobs, capture investment opportunities which will be increasing the GDP of the county and reducing the unemployment rate. It will also strengthen the foreign relations between collaborated countries (Political impacts) as the project will boost their economy.

Future Concern

What really raises my concerns is mostly the economic mobility issue. Economic mobility is a term that refers to the ability of individuals to move from current financial status to another. In other words, how long it takes from you to improve your financial status. If it takes too long it is a negative economic sign and vise versa. What I am trying to say is, as this project will be build based on high living standards; who will be able to afford such standards? Are those cities going to make wealthy people wealthier or maybe isolate them from other people suffering in the community? You can also share with us your future concerns on today’s case.

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