Online MBA

Online MBA

We are a leading provider of 1-year Online MBA Programs. We cater to the requirements of those incapable of attending classes in UAE and Internationally. Online mode of learning applies to a large number of prospective learners in the UAE, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

The working environment for most working professionals may not be as flexible as expected with lesser free time available. Moreover, not all professionals are in locations to enable them to attend our classes. With that respect, the regular MBA is well attainable online courtesy of ISM and GMU. This “online International MBA” is tailored specifically to grant a learning opportunity to the professionals with a busy and irregular work schedule. Other than this, we have other communicable benefits that comes with it.

These include:

  • Fully Accredited MBA with full credits
  • Access to our online library
  • Enhanced communication channel between students and our faculties
  • Easy Online payment mode
  • Option to graduate in Italy upon completion

The quality of both the content and its delivery is not comparable as the learning hours remain unchanged. Furthermore, it takes our learners a duration of 1 year to complete our program. However much it is considered a fast track Online MBA, the duration is non-negotiable to conform to noble learning standards.