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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry

Walking into a clinic, welcomed by a tablet advising you to get a serial number for your turn, it’s your turn now. You scan your figure print on other wider tablet to show your data or start a new form. Pick the doctor you want to meet, do the payment and then go ahead. Its normal, the doctor talks to a medium size robot asking him or her (it is not easy to distinguish) about the results of the previous blood test done.  You say Hi, both of them replies. As you start telling them about the symptoms, the robot starts functioning. Data starts showing on robot’s screen. Doctor uses those data and request from the robot to do immediate Blood test and full body scan while you are setting on your seat.

That was an imaginary scenario of how would the future look like. Why not? Look back at the Science fiction movies and novels where humans will rely on robots to an extent where humans will lose control over Robots. However, that is just science fiction. Let’s go back to reality where Artificial Intelligence (IA) is and will participate in the development of Healthcare (HC).

First of all, you should know that AI can be in different forms, it is not necessary to look like a robot. It can be a computer based, a chip, tablet, and robot. AI has been developing in HC field. Below you will be introduced to the stages of AI development in HC.

Humans are The Main Key

Most hospitals started using a simple dependent intelligence where humans (agents) enter data themselves. The system doesn’t process, analyze information or come up with conclusions. In addition, the user should know how the system is processing to make sure data are totally right. For instance, CRM system that views patients’ data and medical history. It is used to organize, sort and filter data easily and fast.

Machine- Learning

In this stage data are processed and analyzed independently by the artificial intelligent just like humans’ brain. It is not required by the user to know how the system is processing.  The analyzed data can help in getting fast diagnosing and choosing the proper treatment for the patient 


Here is the most complicated intelligence system where the system replaces doctors’ role. It suggests the best diagnose, treatment and medical approaches. The question here, is it possible that AI will replace doctors? This is a very critical question that means many jobs will disappear and AI will reduce HC costs.

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