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Why Choose Our MBA programs?

MBA program in modern world is an essential tool for both the employers and employees. We have the most preferred MBA program in UAE, with a relative competitive advantage in the Middle East and Africa. This is also attributed to the dynamic modes of delivery. With our online accredited one-year MBA, we have enabled professionals in the Middle East and Africa advance in learning. It has become a flexible and full time MBA with concentrations in six relevant career fields. ISM ensures this flexibility through modes of study, course delivery and payments.

Our learning environment is dynamic and of exemplary standards that makes it a different, comfortable and explorable learning experience. We believe in innovating and exploring favourable environments for our professionals to effectively enable a successful completion of the “full time MBA programs”. This ranges from faculties, venues, study materials, support services and communication channel or framework. Moreover, it provides a social platform to like-minded learners and leaders which is vital to sharing and conception of practical professional ideas.

We offer prospective clients who wish to fast track their MBA with online, onsite and blended modes of study. The mode is neither decided by the Institution nor the programs, but by the learner’s preference. In addition to that, a payment plan is offered to the learners and spreads evenly within the 12 months MBA period. This makes it manageable to all interested professionals, therefore, curbing any limitation by possible financial constraints.

Imperial School of management’s MBA is having different concentrations: Healthcare Management, Project Management, International Management, Quality Management, and Project Management. All the above concentrations have no specific or preferred mode of delivery. That is why we rely on our professionals to opt for their suitable modes depending on their personal and professional convenience.

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