Why should I do an MBA

Why should I do an MBA 2018

Why should I do an MBA

Deciding to join MBA (Master of Business Administration) course is jumping to the advanced step of career with a leap of faith that this is a chance to be ahead of the ordinary crowd of job seekers. Most of the people consider MBA admission is just the part of the extended study. However, in reality, pursuing an MBA course is a smart investment that will escalate your career in near future. When many job seekers complain that they are experiencing a lack of “job opportunity”, an MBA degree can open multiple doors for them. Most of the employers are looking for candidates with “MBA is preferred but not mandatory” education criteria.

Why MBA?

“Why MBA?” is probably the shortest question you are going to face during your career. But the importance of the question is way far bigger than its word length. When it comes to building a successful career, there are many ups and down and you just cannot avoid them. But, what if you can have a head-start at the beginning of your career? MBA is the kind of course that can give you an ‘assured head-start’ at the beginning of the career.

Most of the MNCs are in search for fresh graduates but they ‘prefer’ candidates with MBA degree. On the other hand, there are many employees working in the same position for way too many years and waiting for a promotion, but their juniors are grabbing the same promotion because of Executive MBA. So, it is quite clear that “MBA” tag in the resume is definitely advantageous to make the selection bench of many companies or bagging a promotion.

Who are the MBA Aspirants?

MBA could help both fresh graduates and those people who are already working under any organizations. So, here are two popular categories of MBA aspirants:

  • Fresh Graduates: Learners who have just completed their graduation course or are in the final year of their graduation.
  • Current Employees: This category includes people from new employees to the experienced one. It is found that employees with 2 to 6 years of experiences have a tendency to pursue an MBA course. It helps them in career shifting or working with maximum potential under any organization.

Benefits of Getting an MBA

  • Career Progression

Typically, a student builds his/her career with hard work and dignity. Therefore, every step taken by the students to strengthen their academic qualification is important. Every year thousands of students graduate from different institutions and start the journey of seeking their ‘dream job’. However, you may not be able to join your dream job at the first chance. But, an MBA degree can separate you from the rest and help you to launch into a better job opportunity.

  • Career Shift

As we have said you may not have an opportunity to start your career with your dream job. It may take time to land your dream job, but with top executive MBA programs the shifting could be easier. While pursuing an MBA degree you will not only acquire relevant skills and profound knowledge but also build your character suitable for a bigger opportunity. Besides, when everybody is fighting for an entry-level job, you may launch yourself on a higher platform with MBA degree.

  • Develop Managerial Skills

Managerial skills are hard to acquire but priceless. While pursuing an MBA course as a wannabe entrepreneur or employee, you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Manufacture, promote and sell services or products
  • Keeping your business well financed
  • Interpreting company and industry data
  • Hire suitable employees and motivate them
  • Set up a vision and make the tough calls while required
  • Networking

Networking is; ‘knowing people’. Yes, it is as simple as that. Even with social media craze we hardly stay connected with the people who matter for our career. In the office we become connected with immediate teammates, higher authorities and people in the cafeteria. So, when it is hard to stay connected with the important people, what is the importance of networking? Networking is important and fruitful when you have passed out from a reputed B-School. Any reputed B-School has an alumni association. The ex-students of same institutes who are working for reputed organizations or running a successful business may be searching boys from their own institution as a reliable source. When you become part of the association, you become a part of the greater networking system with full of opportunities.

  • Become an Entrepreneur

Many students choose MBA to start their own business or to carry on the successful legacy of their family business. All of these students have a big dream and a wiling power to learn how to transform their dream into reality. An MBA program can help these students with knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur. If you are an employee and hate your job like anything, this is the time to join an MBA class and become your own boss.

Some Common Reasons to Study MBA

Apart from the above 5 good reasons, there are also some handful reasons that can motivate you to pursue an MBA course. Have a look:

  • Earning More Money
  • Hate The Current Job
  • Self-Growth (improve your skills and leadership characteristics)
  • Brand Equity (a certificate from the reputed B-School)
  • Change of Geography (open up for the overseas opportunities)

Bottom Line

An MBA course is a journey that tests your passion, willingness, and ability. It is also a journey of transformation from a student to an organization leader, entrepreneur or successful organization manager. It’s all about your career dreams and the passion to achieve your dream. The journey or transformation is not easy but the reward at the end is promising. If you are still worried about your job satisfaction and career, imagine yourself five years later as a successful entrepreneur or a valuable part of an organization growth. An MBA course can turn the table for you.