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why you should work in Dubai

Dubai is world’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities and is a fancy tourist destination for shopping, night life and contemporary architectural brilliances. Dubai has so much to offer from a luxurious modern life to bagful of business and employment opportunities attracting expats from all corners of the world. Living in Dubai also has an added advantage of tax free income which helps in fulfilling the dreams without overshooting the budget. The list of reasons as to why people love working in Dubai is endless. Let’s throw some light on top six out of those multifarious reasons.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is one of the prime reasons for expats preferring to work in Dubai. Everyone can live in Dubai without the fear of being attacked or harassed. The laws and regulations are strict and this is the reason why crime-rate in the emirate is close to negligible. Expats working abroad considers safety and security an important element

Better quality life

Quality of life and work life balance plays an integral role in favouring a location for work and stay. Dubai is one such city which offers quality infrastructure and products for a high class lifestyle. One can also maintain a healthy work life balance and has the privilege of enjoying the things to do in Dubai on the weekends. The place spoils you with its line of restaurants, supermarkets and modes of entertainment.

Stable Economy

Dubai’s Economy is one of the stable economies of the world. Its economy is considered as one of the fastest growing economies of developing countries of the world. Initially, this emirate has total GDP growth below 10% but now days it displays fastest growth in economy.

Tax free income

Dubai money or income is tax free for people working there. No tax is imposed on the income. Aspiring entrepreneurs who plans to start their business gets many befits from the Government. A resident can also own a property in Dubai due to freehold law of property ownership. These things have made living in Dubai all the more desirable.

Global exposure and multicultural workforce

Dubai is a trade hub and land of opportunities for those who want to explore different arena of opportunities. Dubai is the place for international business and industries like real estate, hospitality, and healthcare are booming sectors in the Emirate. Dubai attracts expats from all over world and the organizations comprises of multicultural workforce.

Fun and Leisure Activities

Living in Dubai has its other perks apart from tax free income and global exposure. One such perk is fun and leisure activities, Dubai has got to offer to its residents. There are so many things to do on the weekend available for all age groups. There are amazing great beaches, luxurious malls, budget to fancy restaurants, nightlife entertainment and fantastic shopping malls. Tourists from all over the world visit this city for its incredible shopping experience during the Dubai Shopping festival. Luxurious brands to the gold and spice souks – Dubai has something to offer to everyone.

To sum up, every city has got its pros and cons and it is also about adjustments. The mantra to a happy life is to be positive, work hard, have a healthy life and create unforgettable memories. Living in Dubai is fun and there are no end to reasons why everyone enjoys working in Dubai.

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