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Imperial School of Management (ISM) has partnered with leading Italian institution, Guglielmo Marconi University. ISM aims to provide high quality and internationally accredited programs to learners in the Middle East and Africa. These programs are tailored for working professionals making them affordable, flexible MBA programs with a blended mode of learning. Our affordable MBA programs do not in the least bit compromise on quality education and content. ISM’s blended mode of delivery gives an option of Online learning, making it the Accredited Italian “Online MBA in UAE.

The program is delivered through courses with contents that are essential to businesses today Internationally. We have highly competent faculty members who engage the students in discussions, case studies, videos, simulations, and presentations performed individually or in groups. Real time assistance is provided for learners to help them complete their course on time. The duration for our programs is 12 months making it the leading One Year Italian MBA in UAE. Our programs are approved by the Italian Ministry of Education, thus of high quality government approved MBA programs.

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MBA Concentrations

Location: Middle East & Africa.

International Management

The Master of Business Administration in International Business is specifically designed for high achieving individuals who want to take the next major step along their career path…

Health Care Management

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management is designed to prepare students to oversee operations and services in healthcare facilities. MBA students …

Project Management

Project management is an essential skill-set for many careers and in many contexts in our lives.Introduction to Project Management is an ideal starting point if you need to manage projects…

HR Management

The first definition of HRM is that it is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner.HR is a product of the human relations movement…

Finance Management

The Financial Management program, typically, prepares graduates for careers in financial management, investment banking, and investment management. The core curriculum is thus focused on…

Marketing Management

Marketing management is the organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management…

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1st Italian University in Middle East
DUAL Accredited (Ministry of Education – Italy and CHEA, USA)
ONLINE, ONSITE and BLENDED Learning (All modes of learning available)
Complete your MBA in 12 months or less
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