Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from Digital/Online Learning?

There are different start dates for Digital/Online programs. Each program has a regular start date throughout the year so that you can start the course with the upcoming course cycle. Please speak with one of the admissions officers for more details.

All the students must attend the orientation session organized by the Business School. The Business School may use virtual as well as face to face sessions for the orientation session.

You are not required to attend the sessions as you are a Digital/Online student. If you feel that you need to attend a particular module, please write an email to our academic and support officer stating your willingness to participate in a module. There may be a difference in fees, which will be payable by the student. Due to the current situation and safety of learners, all the sessions are now taught virtually.

Generally, it takes 21 days to a month for a student to complete a module.  We teach a single module for the entire month so that you have maximum focus on that particular module. However, you have an option to fast track your studies. Please feel free to speak with one of our Admissions Officer.

It generally takes a minimum of 12 months to complete an MBA program. For various accredited Diploma programs that we offer from UK and Swiss Awarding bodies, you have an option to FAST TRACK your studies and complete the Course/Program. 

Students are allowed to take a one-month break during the entire cycle of the program. An email to academic and support office is a must, informing them about your leave and valid reason for the same.  This notification helps the office to map your modules accordingly. If the student takes a break for more than one month/module, the re-registration fee will be applicable.

In case you are directly enrolled for Stage two/Final Stage with the partner university, it is your responsibility to inform the University Officer or your Supervisor failing to which there may be some repercussion(s).

You will have complete access to the LMS/Academic Platform provided by the Business School and the partner university. Most of the study materials will be uploaded onto the learning management system (LMS). Your module video will be available for you to view as per the availability. All the materials will be accessible via soft copy. We mostly try to be Paper Free.

All the courses/programs offered are fully accredited and respected. Most of the employers not only recognize the degree but also sponsor their employees to pursue further education with us. The recognition policy may differ from one organization to another. We strongly recommend you to check with your responsible officer/department before enrolling for the program.

Once you complete your academic and financial commitment with the Business School, you can choose to attend the graduation ceremony organized by the partner university when you graduate.

We will be more than happy to facilitate the process. However, the entire expenses involved are taken care of by the student. 

The program is designed, keeping in mind the requirements of a working adult. You have full freedom to use your time as you want, and that is probably the reason you choose DIGITAL AGE/Online learning. We recommend you to contribute 8 – 12 hours every week towards your studies.

At times, you will need more time to manage your module, especially the first one. However, there is no flexibility awarded with regards to assessment submission.

You can expect helpful and courteous support from the moment you register with us until you graduate.

  • Before you start studying, you will have to attend an orientation course, introducing you to the program.
  • Our dedicated officers will help assist you in making the most of LMS, Online library, support system, and Online payment through LUBM gateway.
  • Our outstanding support team will be here to assist you in case you face any difficulty with your module.
  • There will be AV lectures and other relevant resources that will be made available for enhancing your knowledge in specific areas such as referencing, research methods, academic writing, etc.
  • A tutor will provide you complete feedback with regards to your assessment, which will help you monitor your progress.
  • A Thesis supervisor, from the partner university, will support you throughout your dissertation journey. ISM has hardly any role to play here.

Students will pay the fees using the Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) payment gateway. Please use the given link to make any payment to the University:

The fees once paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.

The transfer of earned credits entirely depends on the program specification, institute from which the degree/diploma is awarded, curriculum, duration, and when was the qualification completed. The transfer and acceptance of previous credits is subject to approval from the academic team at the Partner University.

You have to fill the application form, and submit the following documents to secure your registration:

  • Latest CV
  • Bachelor’s Degree and Transcript in English
  • You have a brilliant opportunity to enroll for our programs without a degree as well. Please speak with our admissions officer for more details.
  • Valid Passport and Residence copy
  • Third-Party consent form
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Proof of English Language
  • One Passport size recent picture
  • Registration fee

In specific and rare cases, students are permitted to enroll provisionally when students still have conditions of their offer outstanding or documents/requirements pending to submit or meet.

Please note that if you still have conditions outstanding on your offer of a place to study at the University, your enrolment will remain provisional until you have satisfied all the exceptional requirements of your offer.

If you fail to satisfy the outstanding conditions of your offer within four weeks of the date of your enrolment, your enrolment will be terminated, and you will no longer be a student of the University.

The offer letter is an email sent to the student in their registered email ID by the Business School or the awarding body.

Your Student ID is a unique combination of alphabets and number mentioned on the top of the offer email sent to your registered inbox.