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Find top UK diploma courses to ensure reliable decisions making that transforms you into a competent business leader.

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The courses of Qualifi offered through ISM’s learning centre are blended in that they comprise online and onsite studies. By the end of every coursework, learners can expect assessments to determine their level of understanding of the underlying principle that regulates the management and leadership in business settings.
Each course offers a wide range of job prospects and career pathways. Likewise, successful learners can pursue higher education at many international universities around the world.

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Qualif Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

This Level 7 programme places particular emphasis on modern management concepts that promote growth, profitability and sustainability in an ever-changing business environment.

Amira Fatima

The way the online course was structural into specific titles, and the progression of each unit from the start to finish imparts knowledge such that learners comprehend every aspect of business management depending on the level of the programme. Also, every assignment is equal parts exciting and challenging. Hence, motivating learners to continue to the next level.



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