Qualifi Level 4 Diploma In Business Management

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Cover all aspects of business management and administration through an internationally accredited programme, with course materials designed to impart practical knowledge. Learners are ensured administrative and managerial efficiency in all business sectors through the Qualifi Level 4 Diploma In Business Management.

Course Overview

The programme offers learners an avenue to acquire the competence necessary to cope with the challenges of running a profitable business. The modules in this programme enable you to navigate the problems encountered by business leaders from around the world and develop a set of skills relevant in today’s commercial and industrial business world.
Like all other Qualifi courses, this qualification is regulated by the Office of Qualification and Examinations Regulations in the UK. Which means, learners can expect the highest levels of professionalism and support during their time in the programme. The teaching and learning materials provided by our centre meet world-class standards.
To find valid, relevant and valuable business training in the field of management and administration that transforms your career path with professional skills and experience, look no further than the Level 4 Diploma In Business Management.


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Qualifi Level 4 Diploma In Business Management

Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)


  • Progression routes:
  • Credit Equivalency
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Qualifi Level 5 Diploma or second of 3 year Bachelors / Honours Degree at any Recognised University


What You will learn

The Diploma in Business Management at Level 4 comprises hand-picked modules designed to offer learners the perfect combination of challenges and inspiration. These modules are divided into mandatory and optional units as listed below.


  • Innovation for Business
  • English for Business Communication
  • Thinking Entrepreneurially
  • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Business Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop abilities beyond the production and sell of business goods and services.
  • Acquire proficiency in managing business resources, stock control, business finances, office organization, effective communication, accounts management and many more.
  • New, existing and future managers find a solid foundation to refer and base all future decisions on for clarity and purpose in difficult business situations.
  • The ethics and professional qualifications that facilitate promotion and development in the business sector.
  • International standards and business management best practices that cut across many countries and continents.
  • Substantial knowledge, skills and competence to help facilitate your admission into top-tier universities around the world.
  • The bases and core values on which the majority of the successful businesses around the world were built. Also, understand how they operate to guarantee continuous profitability, expansion, and sustainability.

Entry Requirements

To qualify for this program, learners must meet the following entry criteria:
  • Learners must have successfully complete Qualifi Level 2 or/and Level 3 and received diplomas in business disciplines at these levels.
  • Learners must have gained enough experience in the enterprise or business sector and possess the ambitions and career goals that are aligned with the Level 4 programme.
  • Also, Learners with level 3 qualification in different disciplines but strongly desire to build a successful career in the business sector.

Success Stories

“I am currently leading a successful team in one of the top startups in the world, and I serve on the boards of other notable businesses in my country, all due to my knowledge and training obtained through Qualifi programmes. I thank the Imperial School of Management for bringing Qualifi qualifications to learners like myself. I am where I am today due to my participation in the Qualifications, and it has benefitted even my personal life.”

Aftandil Husein

“Through the business-centric nature of Qualifi qualification, I gained practical experience in dealing with different scenarios across diverse industries. These experiences have shaped my career and my current position. I call on them every day for decision-making, communication and management of staff and business supplies. I had to choose Qualifi qualifications after researching their business-related courses, and I haven’t regretted it.”

Sadik Smillie


“Recommending Qualif qualifications is easy for me. Personally, it’s the best online course out there for professionals and I urge anyone interested in pursuing a career in the business sector to give it a try. The diploma courses are not mere courses that you take online; they build a culture of learning and curiosity that’s indispensable in today’s fast-paced business world. I’ve acquired the analytical rigour and business acumen to which I credit my current success”

Kaseem Latif



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Assessment Pattern

  • Assignments in accordance with the specification of the Qualifi qualification for every module
  • Plagiarism verification - All submitted works/assignments from our learner undergo a mandatory Plagscan check for plagiarism
  • Opportunity to retake the assessment
  • Grades disclose in no more than 30 working days
  • Grade is either PASS or FAIL

Flexible/Fully Accredited

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