Should You Pursue Online MBA Amid Corona Virus?

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August 4, 2020
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Should You Pursue Online MBA Amid Corona Virus?

The year 2020 saw an impromptu shift of students and workers confined to their own homes. All because of a global pandemic. The rapid spread of coronavirus was in every continent due to its modes of transmission. There were lockdowns across the globe in an effort to contain the spread. 

Life on The Net

For workers who did not lose their jobs, they had to work from their homes through the internet. Students all over the world also had to use the internet to complete their semesters. For now, there is a wave of uncertainty with some jobs and the upcoming academic year. However, through this experience, many have learned how to work or study from home entirely.

Luckily, the world is already in an online system where many aspects of our lives need the internet. Thus, internet connectivity is already a need in most livelihoods. This began a growing availability and credibility of online education. Postgraduate education has also undergone the same transformation, as many schools already had an online student platform. 

If you are considering getting an online MBA, here are some factors you should know.

The Convenience and Flexibility of Getting an Online MBA

The process of getting an MBA degree can be draining. Courseworks, project work, assignments, and thoroughly understanding modules need a lot of time and dedication. As an MBA student, you would be thrilled if you could find adequate time to undertake your schoolwork. 

This is where getting an online MBA can hold an advantage. Since most of the processes are online, they can be conveniently done from your home. The time saved with the online system can be invested in other productive activities.

Usually, workers take study leaves to pursue a graduate program. This is due to the comprehensive structure of an MBA degree program. It takes in a lot of time on a daily basis. Some students also have to travel to other countries or states to get the right MBA program they seek.

For workers, an online MBA can allow for a combination of job duties and graduate education. The flexibility of online learning can allow workers to switch between both, without stress. Amidst the coronavirus, it will enable us to do both with little contact with the outside world.

Same Study Material for In-Person and Online Learning

Modules of an MBA degree program are the same, regardless of the mode of study. Postgraduate courses have a set of comprehensive modules to be completed before one can be awarded the degree. Thus, institutions do not go easy on students who use the internet as a medium to wholly or partly enroll in school.

Whatever your reason for pursuing an MBA degree, online learning is as involving as the in-person mode. Group work gets done together, using video chats and screen sharing applications. Assignments sent to school platforms just as they would with in-person classes. 

The fundamental aspect of an MBA is to upskill and learn new methods in your field. If you can successfully do so online, online learning would be perfect amid the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are working, this would also be the best option.

Reduced Cost For an MBA Degree

The total amount involved in getting an MBA can be costly. The highest tuition costs for a 2020 MBA program is as high as $237,600 for a 24-month session. This six-figure price is extreme for many. Other business schools also charge as high for MBA programs with the same content an online program has.

Keep in mind that the above cost mentioned was solely for tuition costs. Asides tuition, costs involved range from daily transport, apartment/hostel, campus dues, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. Altogether, there is a lot of money spent within a semester. 

Studying with a school’s online platform can go a long way to reduce costs. Generally, tuition costs are lower than the average price for in-person MBA lessons. At Imperial School of Management, the cost involved is a sure way to save up while earning a well recognized MBA Degree. 

The coronavirus recession affected many sources of income for households. From jobs to personal businesses, there has been a decline in funds for some. So, if the recession has been bad for you, you should save money by pursuing the best options without reducing the quality of your education.

The True Essence of Online Programs

Initially, there was a prevalent stigma surrounding online learning. Online learning was viewed as inferior to the norm of in-person education. Understandably, online courses were not invested in as they are today. Schools did not place enough value on this method as they did with in-person modes. 

Until recent times, it did not have enough facilities to provide good quality education. Today, the average internet speed is fast enough to undergo all course modules. Additionally, the advancement of technology has created cheaper options for internet accessibility. Useful applications also exist for organized study approaches right from the convenience of our laptops and mobile devices. 

Humans have always been susceptible to avoiding and disliking change. Yet, change is inevitable and necessary. This is how we have evolved to more get more convenient livelihoods than we were a decade ago. Online learning has come a long way now, as it pars with the effectiveness of in-person learning.

The Bottom Line

The timing of the coronavirus would have been awful if it happened about a decade ago. In the past, pandemics brought lives to a standstill. However, 2020 comes with an advantage to help us cope through such trying times  – The Internet! 

It may not seem much but through the internet, we are able to successfully continue with some aspects that constituted our daily lives. The only difference is, these processes are virtual. With the outbreak of the virus, working and studying remotely became the new norm. 

With schools resuming soon, many contemplate pursuing an online MBA amid Covid-19. In all honesty, considering the uncertainty coronavirus comes with, pursuing graduate education online holds up as a better option. 

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