Adjunct faculty

Job Description:

ISM is looking for a proactive adjunct faculty member to join our team. The responsibilities of our next adjunct faculty include, but not limited to, evaluating and improving different areas of our syllabi. Also, you will review the needs of students, put together lesson resources and make these resources available to our learners.

At ISM, a successful adjunct faculty member is one that’s capable of adequately assessing students with challenging and enriching test materials. If you have experience building strong rapport with students from different economic or cultural backgrounds, we invite you to apply now!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing, correcting, and providing improved syllabi and course materials.
  • Creating a conducive environment that makes students readily participate in teaching and learning activities.
  • Support students to adequately prepare prior to assessments and offer useful feedback based on performances.
  • Scheduling consultation times with learners that require extra academic assistance through Q&A sessions.
  • Support fellow faculty members as needed.
  • Remaining current in your field by maintaining up-to-date knowledge of all developments within your chosen field.


  • A PhD or Master’s degree in chosen academic discipline.
  • Experience as a teaching assistant in a university or similar.
  • Participation and attendance of several conferences preferred.
  • Proof of published research articles and papers is also a plus.
  • Exceptional communication, organisational and analytical skills

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to fill the application form below!

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