ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management

A sure route to a professional business and management career through top online courses

Course Overview

The ATHE online diploma in Business and Management serves as a primary requirement for learners that lack the necessary entry credentials for a business or management degree. This online course is a total of 60 credits. And like other ATHE diploma courses offered by ISM, it is regulated by Ofqual.

This qualification is equivalent to HE qualification two levels. Students get introduced to the fundamental concepts that drive businesses in the real world. Like other online diploma courses we offer, all learners are duly assessed. Thereafter, successful students receive certifications to attest to their knowledge and skills gained from the course.
Upon completion of the online courses and modules in this Level 3 Diploma, students will compete on the world stage with ever-relevant skills.


ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management

Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)


Qualifi Level 4 Certificate / Diploma or first of 3 year Bachelors / Honours Degree at any Recognised University


Learning outcomes

Entry Requirements

Students that meet the following criteria can gain admission into this online diploma programme.

Success Stories

“Every assignment I complete came with suggestions for improvement and the constructive criticism I needed to improve my accounting skills. In no way did I feel judged at my time of this online course. The entire class and instructors were very professional and helpful. I must say this was the most conducive learning environment I ever experienced online. I am ever grateful.”

Diana Bitar

“In my online classes, I was delighted by the amount and quickness of feedback I received about my progress. Some were positive but surely some were also what I needed to aim higher and achieve better results in my professional life. Today, I believe I’ve received more than a professional qualification from the ATHE online courses. For, me it’s about a winning mindset.”

Rashid Stevens


“I count myself lucky to have been accepted into the ATHE  program because I didn’t have a strong academic background. However, I did have a lot of work experience. Since getting on board the course, I’ve come to enjoy the flexible online course schedules and hands-on approach of the instructors. Which puts me in the position to give it my all.”

Hamdala Kamil



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Assessment Pattern

Flexible/Fully Accredited

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